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Starting and building a successful business can be life changing.

There is no better way to take control of your financial or time freedom than by using your skills, creativity and energy and turning them into a profitable endeavour that can reward you and your loved ones over and over again.

I know because I've done it (a few times!)

It can also be one of the loneliest, most stressful and toughest things you can ever do (again - I've been there too).

Being the best at what you do, having the best product or the most innovative idea wont help if you can't attract leads, convert them to customers, fulfil the orders and keep track of the business vitals.

Building a successful business is a key skill all of its own, independent of whatever your business does, sells or makes.

When I started my first business I didn't have any business qualifications or much seed money and I had to find solutions to the problems we faced. As time went on and I founded more businesses and invested in others, similar business owners would reach out for help and advice on how to achieve the success we were starting to earn.

That is why now on top of running my own businesses I spend time working with other entrepreneurs and business owners to help them create and build successful businesses that deliver on the initial reason/dream they set up in business in the first place for.

Become a Private Client Today...

I like to keep things clear and simple, so working together is on a pure time for money basis.

You can use our time working together for any aspect of creating or building your business. Here are some examples of what current and past customers have used my time on:

  • Regular Mentoring or Business Coaching Sessions
  • Brainstorming Sessions for New Products, Marketing Campaigns or Offers 
  • Creating Marketing Plans That Work
  • Entrepreneur Training
  • Copywriting and Marketing Collateral Critiques
  • Sales Conversion Optimisation
  • Non Executive Directorship and Senior Team Meetings
  • Honest Feedback on Ideas and Plans and Reassurance You Are On The Right Course
  • Business Growth Strategy Planning
  • Lead Generation Strategies & Tactics 
  • Implementing Business Automation & Systems in Your Business
  • Business Troubleshooting

 Whatever you'd like advice on I'll use the knowledge skills and contacts I've used over the last 20 years to grow my own and my clients businesses. 

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