Hi, I'm Dominic Jones

Entrepreneur Coach, Business Builder, Angel Investor

I’m often asked about my history and career as an entrepreneur, so I thought I share that with you here…

With 20 years of starting and building businesses under my belt I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in what it takes to create a successful business. This experience helps short cut the cost and mistakes on my own new ventures and that of my clients. 

I live is leafy Surrey with my wife and two wonderful daughters.


- An Entrepreneur's Journey -

Chilling Screams

2020 to Present

Chilling Screams is an exciting new project where we are creating an escape room horror themed experience in your own living room.

It's currently in production and is launching very soon

Nutty Orange

Launch: TBA

Nutty Orange is an e-commerce brand we are developing for launch in 2020.

Currently it's in test mode whilst we are testing the direction we want to take it in.

Cloud Plus IT Support & Solutions

2016 to Present

Cloud Plus evolved as my IT and technology solution brand as my main umbrella company started to add other divisions that didn't compliment each other easily.

It's still the #1 IT Support provider for entrepreneurs and small businesses who need technical help at affordable prices.

Business Vantage

2013 to Present

Vantage is an exclusive club for high achieving business owners and entrepreneurs.

It's a VIP network of like minded individuals all looking to make a dent in the world through entrepreneurship.

Currently Vantage is closed for new applications.

Dominic Jones Coaching & Consulting

2013 to Present

From as early on as 2005 people were approaching me about advice on how they could grow their business. I suppose because they had seen our success they wanted to tap into my experience and knowledge. It was always something I had entered into on an ad hoc basis and I really enjoyed helping people.

As my other businesses were now running 80% without me it seemed logical to formally create a business for my personal consulting and coaching and promote it accordingly.

This will always intentionally be a small business as I'm happy helping only a few people one-to-one at any time.


2010 to 2012

Bepex was the idea of some friends Mark and Thomas to provide sanitary products through the post on a subscription model. Mark and Thomas needed some expertise in the digital marketing, systems and scaling so asked me to join the team as an equal partner.

It was a radicle idea for its time (subscription products were in their infancy) and we all learned a lot about the subscription business model and the hygiene business.

Ultimately I decided it wasn't a business I wanted to be in so cashed out after a couple of years.

Barton Technology

2000 to Present

This is where my business journey began. Barton Technology was my first business and still remains my umbrella company for many of my business brands and the vehicle I use for business angel investments.

Initially only myself, providing small business IT support and solutions, it quickly evolved into a much larger operation with multiple staff, logistics, offices and acquisitions.

The IT Support and Solutions business has now been rebranded to Cloud Plus (see above).

My Passions

Apart from my beautiful family my main passion is building businesses and helping others to do the same.

I'm a huge adrenaline junkie and technology fan so when I trained and qualified as a private helicopter pilot it was a really proud moment in my life. I love collecting fast cars and have an obsession with Aston Martins which lean towards my love of James Bond. I'm a maker/builder at heart so you'll often find me tinkering with something electronic or building some contraption on a 3D printer. I'm also a big outdoors fan so you'll find me out walking, bush-crafting or paddle boarding (or anything else for that matter) as often as I can.

My Investments, Causes & Affiliations

Now that I have my own children I am thankful that they are healthy and happy. Families which have to endure serious illness in a child are under a lot of pressure and I fully support the wonderful work of the Rainbow Trust in helping those families affected by child illness.

I love the Prince's Trust attitude to creating young entrepreneurs, so there is no better organisation I can support to help young people make something of themselves in business.

Colleagues, Friends & Hero's

Over my journey, I've been fortunate to meet some wonderful, inspirational people.

Michelle Mone OBE

Baroness, Entrepreneur,  Speaker and Multi-Millionaire Founder of Ultimo

Ryan Deiss

Co-founder of Billion-Dollar Media Empire Native Commerce

Jordan Belfort

The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, now Author and Global Speaker

Steve Wozniak

Billionaire Co-founder of Apple Computers

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