Who is Dominic Jones?

I help business owners and entrepreneurs create successful, profitable businesses - full stop!

Whether you're a business newbie or a seasoned veteran, at times the challenges of growing and running your business can feel overwhelming. I know, because I've been there.

As an owner of multiple award winning businesses, I understand the skills, knowledge and systems you need to make it work - and I've made it my mission to share this with you...

"Dom and I have been working on business growth for over six months now and in that time I’ve picked up some really good ideas from the approach he’s taking. Dom is committed to growing his business and providing excellent customer service and that shines out of everything he does"

James Wilson
Assista Consulting

You and I both know, starting and growing a successful, profitable business is TOUGH...

From overwhelm to cash problems, and customer acquisition to never-ending to do lists, it can feel like a MASSIVE uphill battle.

But being ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs we persist, determined to edge closer to our end goals, every single day.

It’s not easy to go it alone…

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help business owners (like you) build a successful, profitable business that provides the lifestyle you deserve.


I’m acutely aware that you may be wondering “what qualifies you to help me and my business?”…

And I'll be honest with you. My success in business hasn’t magically appeared overnight.

I haven’t created a one-off super product that's landed me a hugely inflated bank balance.

Nor have I simply travelled the world amassing 'silver bullets' and 'golden nuggets' from some of the world’s billionaires.

But what I have experienced is the school of hard knocks.

I’ve worked deep in the trenches and have been lucky enough to work with some incredible mentors along the way.

And what I’ve developed is a formula for creating successful, profitable businesses - that enable you to work ON your business, rather than IN it.

With this formula in hand, I've created and launched NINE separate businesses.

Businesses that run on auto-pilot and provide the success, wealth and freedom that I craved.

Equipped with this knowledge and hands-on experience, I can help you shortcut the challenges in your business...

....so you can focus your efforts on the stuff that works, and avoid the stuff that doesn’t.

So, ask yourself...

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do as a business owner, and wish you had more free time?
  • Do you want to be able to get more customers and boost your profits, with NO hard-selling?
  • Do you wish there was a shortcut to overcoming the challenges and bottlenecks in your business?

If you were nodding your head to ANY of the above, the good news is I can help you...

"Thanks for helping me with my website. I had a great new prospect say to me 'Everything about your website just MADE me have to call you'. Great stuff!"

Paul Evans
Yellow Jersey Design

Award Winning Skills, Knowledge and Systems To Help You Grow A Successful, Profitable Business.

Michelle Mone OBE

Leading Entrepreneur, Global Speaker and Millionaire Founder of Ultimo

Ryan Deiss

Co-founder of Billion-Dollar Media Empire Native Commerce

Jordan Belfort

The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, now Author and Global Speaker

Steve Wozniak

Billionaire Co-founder of Apple Computers

About Dominic Jones

Dominic is a successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of multiple businesses. With almost two decades of success in starting businesses from scratch, Dominic is passionate about helping small and medium-sized entrepreneurial business owners thrive and achieve their ultimate desired outcome; success. He’s renowned for solving business problems and rapidly creating profits via the clever blend of sales, marketing, and business troubleshooting.

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