Dictionary.com defines an entrepreneur as;

a person who organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Does that sound like you? I hope so!

Being an entrepreneur can be exciting and fun, but many struggle with the lack or money, time and resources.

Many entrepreneurs work in isolation. Either as the sole business owner with a team or the sole business. Being the only person who understands, feeling like you have to do it all alone and having no-one who has your ambitions to brainstorm ideas with can be crippling. I know, we've all had days like that.

Being your own boss has lots of upside, but also allows lack of accountability making room for procrastination and indecision.

Working with me allows you to work with someone who gets it and you! 

If your business has a sales, marketing or growth ambition or problem then I can help.

Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

In all honesty maybe you shouldn't! (Now isn't that honest).

I work best with positive, ambitious,  driven entrepreneurs (like me) who really want to make a difference in their lives and personal wealth.

If you are a negative thinker we probably won't get on.

However, if you are...

A positive, decisive person who needs someone to act as a partner in the business, championing for its success just like you, then we'll be great colleagues.

I'm pretty different to most business coaches out there...

I've personally built a number of businesses from startups to highly profitable companies over the last two decades. I still own and run four currently with my team which means you are getting the very latest information of what's really working in the marketplace - plus an insiders viewpoint on what it takes to build great products/services and launch them to your market. 

I don't believe in coaches whose only success is creating a micro business advising people on how they should be successful! Don't laugh, there's plenty of them.

I also put business graduates or ex-corporate managers who advise small businesses on entrepreneurial growth in the same group... 

You can't learn what it really takes to advise someone on how to create a highly successful small business from a course, franchise or corporate background. Anyone who tells you otherwise has either been very lucky or is trying to sell you something. Either way, not a sustainable, replicate-able way to help others.

So; How I Can Help You.

My Entrepreneur Coaching Program runs throughout the year and is proven to produce a huge return on investment.

Due to me running my own businesses and other projects on an ongoing basis I only work with a small number of entrepreneurs each year. Most renew if they have further aspirations and some graduate as they have reached their current goals and are settling into their new found success.

When we work together we'll focus heavily on getting you quick wins from low hanging fruit, finding opportunities you are too close to see yourself or needed framing in a different way. 

Dan Andrews

IF Contracting Ltd

The advice that Dominic gave me was clear and concise, where all others before him had simply left me dazed and confused.

As a member of my Entrepreneur Coaching Program you'll benefit from;

  • Full review of your business model, research into your market and competitors. Most importantly I'll assess its commercial ability.
  • Regular meetings/calls to review, workshop and plan the next required actions.
  • Access to me on the phone or email whenever you need me.
  • Ongoing calls to follow up, keep you accountable and deal with any problems you've encountered.
  • Tailored training on marketing, sales, product creation, growth and much more.

Joining my Entrepreneur Coaching Pprogram is the best way to have me working on your business with you as a psuedo member of your senior team.

If you'd like to discuss the opportunity to work together to build your business into something substantial then the first step is for us to schedule a time to find out more about each other and your business.

If we both decide we're a great fit then we can discuss the way forward. 

I look forward to our call.

Richard Stone

Stone Junction

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dominic as amongst the very best.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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