Discover a fast, fun and effective way to grow your business...
It's called Vantage, and for a limited time you can try it for 30 Days, for just £1...

Vantage is an exclusive online club for ambitious business owners looking for MASSIVE growth.

Founded By Dominic Jones: Award Winning Entrepreneur & Go To Business Growth Expert to hundreds of UK Business Owners

For a limited time you can gain instant access to all of this, for just £1...

You and I both know, starting and growing a business is TOUGH...

Dominic Jones – Award Winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Founder of Vantage

From overwhelm to cash problems, and customer acquisition to never-ending to do lists, it can feel like a MASSIVE uphill battle.

But being ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs we persist, utterly determined to edge closer to our end goals, every single day.

It’s not easy to go it alone…

That’s why I’ve made it my mission this year to help 1,000 business owners (like you) build a successful, profitable business that provides the lifestyle you deserve.

And to accomplish this, I’ve created the UK’s premier place to shortcut the same lessons I overcame in my 20 years in business.

It’s called Vantage and it’s a smart business growth club for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners like you.

And I’d like to personally invite you to discover what it’s all about, by taking me up on the offer of a 30 day trial for just £1.

But first, let me show you why our members love Vantage, and why I think you're going to LOVE it too...

Scroll down for a 'sneak peek' of what you'll gain immediate access to by starting your 30 day trial of Vantage today...

148 + Members and counting...

Everything You NEED To Build A Business You'll LOVE.

Discover the FOUR pillars of Vantage; helping you to shortcut your success...


Why rely on the ‘school of hard knocks’ when you can cash in on the invaluable experience of others? With Vantage, you’ll peel back the curtain and discover the ‘tried and tested’ methods that consistently get BIG results in business.

With our comprehensive
Insider Masterclasses and mini courses, you can expect quick, simple, easy, and results driven learning materials – all without the overwhelm. Giving you the edge over your competitors and helping you win and keep more customers.


To make a game-changing difference in your business there is one thing that you have to do. IMPLEMENT. It’s the key to profitable success, but many struggle to devote the time. But with Vantage, you'll get Business Builders - so this becomes a thing of the past!

Unlock an ever-evolving library and become an implementation machine with our checklists, done-for-you blueprints and fill in the blank templates – helping you implement the “quick wins” in your business, in a simple and enjoyable way.


“You are the sum of the people you hang around with”, so cure the isolation of being entrepreneur by surrounding yourself with ambitious and like-minded business owners in our thriving online community.

You’ll get to network, ask questions and gain advice in a safe, supportive environment that promotes action taking. PLUS, you’ll get weekly motivation, Business Insights, regular Hot Seats and Live Q&As focusing on YOUR business needs.


Gain access to our exclusive Marketplace and discover an abundance of invaluable time and monetary savings from our shortlist of providers, suppliers, tools and web apps – all recommended and deployed to grow my own portfolio of businesses.

You’ll get our ‘black book’ of go to services helping you in all aspects of your business, from productivity to marketing & sales automation. Implementing just one of these resources could save you thousands per month in time and money.

This is worth your investment alone!

For a limited time, you can trial Vantage for 30 days for just £1.

Should you wish to continue after 30 days, your membership will be renewed at £29 a month inc. VAT, which is still great value.
There’s no tie-in period. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can cancel at any time.

The advice that Dominic gave me was clear and concise, where all others before him had simply left me dazed and confused. He has the ability to make things that are complicated very simple to understand.
- Dan Andrews, IF Contracting Ltd

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By joining Vantage, you'll gain access to 32+ business building resources.

With BRAND NEW assets added each and every month...


An ever-evolving library of mini courses, giving you the edge over your competitors - 24/7

Discover the latest business growth strategies and tactics to help you gain a competitive edge, helping you to win and keep more customers.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve added to Vantage this month:

  • How To Create A Marketing Campaign That Generates Leads on Tap – This five part video series guides you through all the vital steps you need to create a marketing ‘funnel’ in your business that generates new enquires on demand.

  • The Anatomy of a High Converting Sales Page – A tried and tested blueprint to create a high converting sales page for any product or service in your business. Meet this criteria and you’ll see a sizeable bump in conversions. Skip some of the steps at your peril (or results!). You have been warned…

  • How to Optimise Your Campaigns so They Deliver Big Results – Discover the one critical aspect of marketing that your competitors are failing to see. Deploy this gem and you’ll be able to create successful campaigns that reward you for all the hard work you put in.

  • And many more…


Everything your business needs to become an ‘implementation machine’.

You already know that implementation is the key to profitable success. The problem is finding enough time to devote just to ‘getting stuff done’.

With Vantage, this becomes a thing of the past as you’ll gain access to our catalogue of checklists, done-for-you blueprints and fill in the blank templates to help you organise the quick wins and make taking MASSIVE action enjoyable and simple.

Here are Vantage members’ THREE most popular Business Builders:

  • 5 Simple Tactics To Grow Your Business – Deploy these FIVE winning strategies to increase your income, without having to work harder.

  • Copywriting Checklist – Good copy = more sales, so by deploying these 17 simple key steps in any sales letter, email, video, or leaflet – you can boost your results dramatically.

  • Customer Profile Worksheet – Laser target your audience and identify the best ways to market to them, helping you generate more sales and recurring business.

  • How To Create The Perfect Facebook Ad: This Template will save you wasting time staring at a blank screen, guessing how to write your next ad, and then wondering if it will be good enough to convert. With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will get better results from your ad campaigns.

Weekly Business Insights

Bite-sized business gems giving you that 'aha moment' or kick up the bum you need to push on.

As a member of Vantage, every week we’ll be in touch to help motivate you and provide a business insight which you can implement immediately in your business for maximum effect.

You’ll get implementable gems helping you with things like:

  • Accountability – Become a master of ‘getting stuff done’
  • Time management – Focus on the things that REALLY matter
  • Business growth shortcuts – Discover the quick wins that grow your bottom line
  • And more…

PLUS, you’ll also get access to interactive help such as our live question and answer sessions and hot seats individually focused on your business needs!


A vault of exclusive productivity tools, apps & services with huge discounts (or FREE!)

As a Vantage member, you’ll get access to an exclusive marketplace. This is where we highlight all the free or heavily discounted tools, events and services that we recommend and use ourselves to grow my own portfolio of businesses.

It saves you having to waste time trialling different tools, plus conveniently offers them at the best prices.

This resource alone can save you HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of pounds per month in time and money.

This is worth your investment alone.


Join a community of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, there for you to learn, share and grow.

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook Group. A thriving community of ambitious business owners (like you) and a place where you can ask questions, gain advice, learn, share and grow.

All in a safe and supportive environment that promotes action taking – so you no longer have to go it alone.

Not to be underestimated, this could be the most important part of your membership.

It’s where deals get done, friendships get made, and problems get solved!

Get instant access to ALL of the above (worth many hundreds of pounds), for just £1!

Should you wish to continue after 30 days, your membership will be renewed at £29 a month inc. VAT, which is still great value.
There’s no tie-in period. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can cancel at any time.

Extremely practical content and ‘real’ business resources to help you grow your own business…

Dom and I have been working on business growth for over six months now and in that time I’ve picked up some really good ideas from the approach he’s taking. Dom is committed to growing his business and providing excellent customer service and that shines out of everything he does.
- James Wilson, Assista Consulting

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Who is Vantage for?

Business Owners

Get the edge on your competitors by learning and implementing the stuff that they aren't.


Deploy winning strategies & tactics, supported by a community of experts.


Discover the “quick wins” you can implement immediately to generate leads and sales on tap.


Unlock the latest tips, tricks and cheat sheets to rocket-launch the results of your campaigns.

Get instant access to 32+ (growing each and every month) shortcuts, templates, training videos and easy to use 'done-for-you' blueprints…

All designed to help you shortcut your business growth.

For a limited time, I'd like to personally invite you  to trial Vantage for 30 Days, and access all of the above... for only £1.

There’s no tie-in period. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can cancel at any time.

Still sitting on the fence?

Here's why you should take action today...

Look, I know you’re busy…

You’ve heard it all before, and there’s never really a good time to join a ‘business growth club’…

…but I can promise you, this is different.

By becoming a member of Vantage today, you’ll join the HUNDREDS of business owners we’ve equipped with the ‘shortcut’ to business success, wealth and freedom – no matter what industry you work in.

You’ll discover how to…

  • Leverage people and systems, and be free of the daily grind
  • Grow a successful business, you’ll be incredibly proud of
  • Discover ways to increase your income, without working harder
  • PLUS, you’ll join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners that just get what you’re all about and can help you along your journey
Just watch the video testimonials below...

Maybe you’re sceptical. I’m sure you probably get lots of messages about business growth from all the “online gurus” out there…

Or perhaps you’re already a member of a business growth membership already.

But Vantage really is different.

It’s built on implementable resources that are relevant to your business NOW.

So you’re guided step by step with PRACTICAL “quick wins” that can transform your business, giving you the success, wealth and freedom you dreamed of when you first started out.

You get all that, plus the very best ‘cherry picked’, tried and tested strategies and tactics that are ACTUALLY working – updated and added to every single month.

Saving you time on working through the stuff that doesn’t work, and putting your focus on the stuff that DOES!

Sounds good right?

But perhaps you’re worried that you’ll sign up and never really access the resources.

And I realise this can happen. As many business owners struggle to keep up with the demands of the day to day. Too busy working IN their businesses.

But think of it this way…

At the very worst case, if you only implement 1 thing during your 30 day trial…

…that 1 thing could help edge you closer to taking your business from where you are, to where you want it to be.

So surely that’s worth a £1 investment alone?

Better still, your trial is backed up by a Money Back Guarantee.

So if for any reason you decide that Vantage is not for you (or you’re not really using it) just let us know within 30 days of joining and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You owe it to yourself to take a look…

I have known and worked with Dominic for over 10 years. With the help of Dominic our company was able to grow and take on new challenges.

Angela Eden
Jackson-Scott Associates Ltd

So what are you waiting for?

For a limited time, you can trial Vantage for 30 days for just £1.

Should you wish to continue after 30 days, your membership will be renewed at £29 a month inc. VAT, which is still great value.
There’s no tie-in period. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can cancel at any time.

Dominic is extremely knowledgeable, yet charming and charismatic with it. He’s opened my eyes to a number of possibilities, and clearly has a passion for his profession and ensuring he does his utmost to look after his clients.
- Jason Trafford, Trafford Enterprises Ltd

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Sounds great... but why am I offering you all this great value, for just £1?

Dominic Jones – Award Winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Founder of Vantage

I’ll be totally honest with you…
I know the vast benefits of being a member of Vantage – so I want to give as many entrepreneurs as possible, a no risk opportunity to see it and experience it for themselves.
I know that you won’t understand the benefit of being a member, until you go in and take a look.
That’s why we’re offering Vantage for just £1 today.
£1 for 30 Days of access to implementable resources you can deploy in your business – with outstanding effect.
It’s a real no brainer.
Think of it this way…
If you find just 1 thing helpful in Vantage, from all the resources I’ve listed above… then isn’t that worth a single pound?
At worse, the content above could be worth HUNDREDS of pounds to your business.
At best, it could be worth tens of THOUSANDS of pounds to your business.
Take a trial today and discover what Vantage has to offer you…

For a limited time, you can trial Vantage for 30 days for just £1.

There’s no tie-in period. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can cancel at any time.

Note: Your membership will then be auto-renewed at £29 per month (inc. VAT) and billed every month.

So, you've decided not to join? Here's a handy list of other things your shiny £1 can get you instead :-)

For £1, you could get 30 days of implementable assets to help your business grow, or ONE of the below...

63 Penny Sweets

1 Pack of Blu Tack

A Bottle of Hand Soap

180 Degree Protractor

Or... decided you'd rather spend your pound on something more useful?

There’s no tie-in period. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can cancel at any time.

I have found Dominic very seasoned and knowledgeable. His attention to detail whilst keeping you engaged is excellent. And to top this off, he is a really nice chap too.
- Neil Cattermull, ComparetheCloud.net

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About Dominic Jones

Dominic is a successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of multiple businesses. With almost two decades of success in starting businesses from scratch, Dominic is passionate about helping small and medium-sized entrepreneurial business owners thrive and achieve their ultimate desired outcome; success. He’s renowned for solving business problems and rapidly creating profits via the clever blend of sales, marketing, and business troubleshooting.

Founder and CEO of...